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The Tukanoan-speaking Desana of the Colombian region of the Vaupés handed down an ayahuasca myth of origin. There are different versions of the story.../ ➝

Ayahuasca vine

The ayahuasca vine, Banisteriopsis caapi, is related to about 1200 other plants within the family Malpighiaceae. The family offer a diverse array of f.../ ➝

ayahuasca discovery

The origins of ayahuasca use are, ultimately, a mystery. The archeological record indicates a diverse collection of psychoactive substance use in Sout.../ ➝

ayahuasca and DMT

One of the traditional reasons indigenous people drink ayahuasca, a potion made by brewing the vine ayahuasca and DMT-containing plants, is to study a.../ ➝

first colonialists amazon

In 1541 Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana led the first European colonists into the Amazon. He reported seeing dense populations and large ci.../ ➝

Ayahuasca Jesuit Missionaries

The earliest written account of ayahuasca appears to be a description brought to the world by Jesuit missionaries. Historian Jose Chantre y Herrera co.../ ➝

Syrian rue ayahuasca

The same active alkaloids that exist in the ayahuasca vine,  B. caapi vine, were first isolated from a different plant almost two centu.../ ➝

Richard Spruce Ayahuasca

Throughout the nineteenth century, various ethnographers and explorers mentioned an intoxicating beverage prepared by indigenous Amazonians and called.../ ➝

Manuel Villavicencio ayahuasca

In 1858 Ecuadorian geographer Manuel Villavicencio wrote of the use of ayahuasca in sorcery and divination on the upper Rio Napo, and described his ow.../ ➝

Rubber industries and ayahuasca

The indigenous groups of the Amazon basin suffered many injustices in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as a result of fortune-seekers looking to.../ ➝